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Portrait Process and Pricing
A portrait is personal and capturing a likeness is only a part of the portraits success.  A work that presents a “living presence” many decades later is a difficult endeavor but one made easier with the right steps and approach.  Like many artists I spent a long time trying to craft a suitable likeness from photographs with varying degrees of success.  Over time I came to the conclusion that most artists do, that creating a portrait from life is the only real way to capture the true likeness and essence of the subject.

This process involves three basic steps:

  1. Meet with the client and discuss their perspective and ideas.
  2. Schedule a time to do a color study and sketch-work.
  3. Create the work (this phase may require additional visits with the client)

Posthumous Work
Occasionally I receive requests for posthumous work. I will gladly accept these assignments as they are often some of the most meaningful requests. It is important that the client have high quality photographs to work from. Photos as mentioned above are not the most desirable of references, but with this work they are all that is available.

It is important that the owner is happy with the work.  At times revisions may be necessary.   Although rare, on some occasions it may be necessary to completely repaint the portrait.  I guarantee my work and as a painter’s reputation lives and dies by his efforts, I will make every reasonable effort to insure that you are happy to hang my work in your home.

I will help the client with framing ideas if they request help. Your work will be presented to you unframed unless you specifically request that the work be framed. I can recommend reliable, professional framers and can deliver the framed work to you. Please keep in mind that good quality framing can add significantly to the cost of the work. You will of course be aware of those cost prior to your acceptance.